JCUVA Activities



Preliminary Design Review (PDR) meeting of the Spektr-UF / WSO-UV Field Camera Unit

20th - 24th May 2019 at INASAN, Moscow, Russia.


The Preliminary Design Review (PDR) meeting of the Spektr-UF /WSO-UV Field Camera Unit took place in INASAN (Moscow) on 20-May-2019, with attendees from Russia (INASAN, IKI, LA), Spain (UCM, SENER) and Japan (Rikkyo University). The current statuses of the Spektr-UF /WSO-UV project and the FCU instrument were presented. The baselines for the FCU optical and mechanical designs, electrical units and operational algorithms were also presented and reviewed. Finally, the feasibility of adding new channels with coronography capabilities was also considered.

As follow up of this PDR, the teams visited the WSO-UV AIV facilities located at NPO Lavochkin. In addition, scientific meetings and presentations were held during that week, regarding the preparatory observations belonging to the proposals that have been accepted in the first Core Program Call.