Beitia-Antero, Leire; Gómez de Castro, Ana I. 2016.



The Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) has produced the largest photometric catalogue of ultraviolet (UV) sources. As such, it has defined the new standard bands for UV photometry: the near UV band (NUV) and the far UV band (FUV). However, due to brightness limits, the GALEX mission has avoided the Galactic plane which is crucial for astrophysical research and future space missions.
Aims: The International Ultraviolet Explorer (IUE) satellite obtained 63 755 spectra in the low dispersion mode (λ/δλ 300) during its 18-year lifetime. We have derived the photometry in the GALEX bands for the stellar sources in the IUE Archive to extend the GALEX database with observations including the Galactic plane.
Methods: Good quality spectra have been selected for the IUE classes of stellar sources. The GALEX FUV and NUV magnitudes have been computed using the GALEX transmission curves, as well as the conversion equations between flux and magnitudes provided by the mission.
Results: Consistency between GALEX and IUE synthetic photometries has been tested using white dwarfs (WD) contained in both samples. The non-linear response performance of GALEX inferred from this data agrees with the results from GALEX calibration. The photometric database is made available to the community through the services of the Centre de Données Stellaires at Strasbourg (CDS). The catalogue contains FUV magnitudes for 1628 sources, ranging from FUV = 1.81 to FUV = 18.65 mag. In the NUV band, the catalogue includes observations for 999 stars ranging from NUV = 3.34 to NUV = 17.74 mag.
Conclusions: UV photometry for 1490 sources not included in the GALEX AIS GR5 catalogue is provided; most of them are hot (O-A spectral type) stars.

The sources in the catalogue are distributed over the full sky, including the Galactic plane. Full Tables A.1 and B.1 are only available at the CDS via anonymous ftp to ( or via

Beitia-Antero, Leire; Gómez de Castro, Ana I. 2016, A database of synthetic photometry in the GALEX ultraviolet bands for the stellar sources observed with the International Ultraviolet Explorer. A&A 596, A49arXiv:1605.04112




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